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Gita Shloka of the Day – Chapter 9, Shloka 20

traividyaa maam somapaaH pootapaapaa yajnair iShTvaa svargatim praarthayante | te puNyam aasaadya surendralokam ashnanti divyaan divi devabhogaan || Word meanings: traividyaaH – The knowers of the three Vedas; maam – Me; soma-paaH – the drinkers of the divine nectar Soma; poota-paapaaH – purified from sin; yajnaiH – through Yajnas (sacrifices); iShTvaa – worshipping; svargatim – passage to heaven; praarthayante – pray for; te – they; puNyam – holy; aasaadya – reaching; surendra-lokam – the world of Surendra, the lord of gods (heaven); ashnanti – enjoy; divyaan – divine; divi – in heaven; deva-bhogaan – divine enjoyments. Meaning: The knowers of the Vedas, worshiping Me by performance of sacrifices, drinking the divine nectar called Soma and having been purified of their sins, pray for the passage to heaven. They do reach heaven, the world of Indra (the leader of gods), and enjoy all the divine pleasures. Notes: Those who worship the Lord with a desire for enjoyment of heaven, do go to heaven. But that is not enough for liberation.

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