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Gita Shloka of the Day – Chapter 13, Shloka 2

kShetrajnam chApi mAm viddhi sarvakShetreShu bhArata | kShetrakShetrajnayorjnAnam yattat jnAnam matam mama || 13.2 || Word meanings: bhArata – O descendant of Bharata; sarvekShetreShu – in all kShetras; api – also; mAm – Me; cha – and; kShetrajnam – the kShetrajna (knower of kShetra); viddhi – you know it; kShetrakShetrajnayoH – of kShetra and kShetrajna; yat – which; jnAnam – knowledge; tat – that; jnAnam – knowledge; mama matam – it is so considered by me Meaning: Oh Arjuna, also know Me to be the kShetrajna in all kShetras. The knowledge of kShetra and kShetrajna is considered by Me to be the knowledge. Notes: Here, Sri Krishna says that just as the body (kShetra) cannot exist as separate from its knower (kShetrajna) on account of it being an attribute (aMsha/visheShaNa) of the latter, in the same manner, Sri Krishna, the Lord of all beings, owing to his all-pervading nature, exists as not separate from the kShetrajna (one could call this the “jiva”). This is because even this “jiva” is born out of Him (Chapter 4, shloka 6 – prakritim svAm adhiShThAya, sambhavAmi AtmamAyayA – out of My own maya, I come into being, subjugating my prakriti).