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What we do

The Ashrama helps people progress in their individual spiritual journeys. It also fosters unity among all human beings and service to God in human form.

The Ashrama holds regular classes and discussion groups on philosophical topics and meditation. The Ashrama also arranges for talks, classes, spiritual retreats and general spiritual guidance by learned monks of the Ramakrishna Order.

Some of the Swamis who have visited the Ashrama include

  • (Late) Swami Swahananda (Southern CA)
  • Swami Bhaskarananda (Seattle)
  • Swami Brahmarupananda
  • Swami Atmajnanananda (Washington DC)
  • Swami Tyagananda (Boston)
  • Swami Sarvadevananda (Southern CA)
  • Swami Ishatmananda (Chicago)
  • Swami Yogatmananda (Providence)
  • Swami Prapannananda (Sacramento)
  • Swami Paritushtananda (New York)
  • Swami Chetanananda (St. Louis)
  • Swami Tattwamayananda (Northern CA)
  • Swami Baneshananda (Germany)