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Swami Brahmarupananda (1934-2023)

Swami Brahmarupananda attained mahasamadhi on 15th April 2023 in Washington DC. “Swami B” has been following and propagating vedanta in the U.S. ever since he came here in the 1970s, as a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh. He had been a strong pillar of support to the Pittsburgh Ashrama from the beginning, by conducting its first spiritual retreat in 2010 (“Seeing God and Serving God in All”) followed by many more memorable retreats and formal pujas over the years.

A memorial service will be held on July 15, from 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM.

See below for a humble tribute in memory of Swami Brahmarupananda’s visits to RVAP over the years. 

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